“Dalmain students are participating safely, warming up effectively, challenging themselves individually and working inclusively.”

Our school motto “Care, Strive, Achieve” is applied in a physically and emotionally safe environment and includes common language around participating safely, warming up effectively, challenging themselves individually and working inclusively. Our students participate in a weekly 40 minute curriculum lesson, a 60 min junior/senior sport session and 10 minute morning fitness activities four times a week.

Dalmain has strong relationships established with local Physical Education teachers from across our community and we have historically worked extensively to ensure a full calendar of interschool events is conducted each year. Our school is competitive in each of these competitions and has achieved a significant amount of recent success in Interschool Faction Carnivals, Netball and Soccer competitions.

Student leadership is developed through our comprehensive Faction Leaders program, and the foundation program providing Year 3 students with similar opportunities when working with younger peers during junior sport sessions was expanded and received significantly positive anecdotal feedback from students, staff and families.

Physical Education is also complemented by whole school programs including Edu-Dance, the school cross country event that focused on participation and personal effort, our morning fitness program and the continued support of our optional before school ‘Fitness Club’. These sessions are offered on Wednesdays and Fridays before school throughout the year and are attended by between 30-50 students at each session.

Further positive impact was found in the resulting success that a number of our Year 6 students had when applying into the Specialist Volleyball program at Greenwood College. Of the eight students who applied at the end of 2022, all of them were successful in securing a place in this highly sought after Approved Specialist Program.