Nature Play Space

“Child-led play in the outdoors (nature play) enriches childhood with movement, with imagination, with friendship, and with all the sensory wonder that nature brings.”

~ Nature Play WA

The Dalmain nature play space project began its conception in August 2014 through a desire to provide new and diverse play opportunities at the school and to more closely connect our children to nature.

The nature play space was seen as a vehicle to encourage this connection. Through a series of classroom workshops run by Amanda Wood and observing children’s play in the school grounds, students shared their ideas about what they would like to see in a nature play space – this was the impetus to make their dreams a reality.

Final approvals for the Dalmain Nature Play Space were received by February 2016 and construction planning began in earnest. The plans were divided into three phases:

Phase 1 – Log climbing area

Phase 2 – Tree fort area

Phase 3 – Creek bed and sand play area

This was a huge project that was delivered on time and on budget only due to all of the amazing support from our school community and it is incredibly rewarding now seeing our children playing in an enjoying the amazing space our school community has created.